Types of Eco Dumpsters/Containers

Unlike regular dumpsters which can be used to store and transport any kind of material, the eco dumpsters are divided into few different types depending on the materials they are made to transport. Here is a list of those dumpsters and all the characteristics they have.

Eco dumpstersStandard Eco Dumpsters

This type is made to transport almost any kind of materials. Depending on the company you are most likely allowed to dump mixed materials like plastic, yard waste, wood, glass. Later, the recycling company will sort everything by materials. That’s why these dumpsters are a little more expensive.

Clean Concreate Only Dumpsters

This type of Eco dumpsters is made for transportation of clean concrete only! By clean concrete only we mean that you must remove any re-bar and wire from the concrete. If you don’t know how to get rid of the re-bars don’t worry it’s very simple, smash the concrete into little pieces with a hammer. That way there will be nothing to hold those re-bars and more importantly if you smash the concrete you will have more space in the dumpster.

Wood dumpstersWood Only Dumpsters

These dumpsters are made for transportation of only wood. You can put almost any kind of wood in these dumpsters like plywood, pallets or scraps of lumber. When putting the wood into the dumpster you need to check for nails and other materials that don’t belong there. That is important because you will get charged extra for those materials that are not allowed in the dumpster. Also, you need to watch what kind of wood you are throwing because the painted and treated wood is also not allowed.

Green Waste Only Dumpsters

In these dumpsters, you are only allowed to dump green waste materials like wood chips, smaller branches, leaves, mulch and more. But you are not allowed to dump dirt or bigger logs. This type of eco dumpster is perfect for a backyard project when autumn comes and all the leaves fall from the trees.

Metal Only Dumpsters

Metal only dumpsters are perfect for people who work with metal like blacksmiths or welders. If you happen to have a large amount of metal laying in your backyard, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of it. All the metal will get recycled and used again one day.

Glass Only Dumpsters

Glass only dumpsters are made to transport items only made from glass. Items that are allowed are glass bottles, glass cups, windows and more. Materials like plastic bottles and plastic bags are not allowed.