What to Look For when Renting a Dumpster

When renting a dumpster, there are not many things you need to pay attention to. But when you are renting a so called “eco Dumpster” you look for details such as the size and more importantly the type of the eco dumpster. Yes, there are many different types of eco dumpsters and you should choose depending on what kind of trash you have. Those types are named differently depending on the company that rents them. The best eco dumpster is the Standard one because you can put mixed materials in it.

Standard Dumpsters/Containers

Green eco dumpsterThese Dumpsters are usually allowed to be filled with mixed materials. The company that rented you this dumpster will usually tell you what kind of materials you can put in the dumpster. If you forget or not sure what exactly is allowed there should be a poster on the side of the dumpster that has a list of all the materials that can be thrown in it. Most likely the materials that you can put in a standard dumpster are Plastic, Metal, Wood, Furniture, Yard Waste, Appliances. Materials that are not allowed are Concreate, Dirt or any Hazardous material. Whether you accidentally or not, put some not allowed materials in the dumpster you will be charged extra. That’s why it is very important to carefully go through everything you put in the dumpster because if you don’t the company will. If they find something that doesn’t belong there you will pay for that. Other than paying more money for the materials that are not allowed in the dumpster you can also be charged extra for some things like Box Springs, Mattresses, Couches and Tires. That can depend on the company, most likely they won’t charge you extra for those items but there are some companies that will so it is very important to do your research.